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We’re very pleased to announce the launch of Gateway Engagement portal direct to you mobile phone or desk top. It’s a brand new package of perks and discounts that lets you make exceptional savings on everything from your morning coffee to your summer holiday. You’ll get:

  • Market-leading cashback rates on your online shopping, paid straight to your bank account, from shops like Boots, Staples, Debenhams, Hobbycraft and Groupon.
  • Discounted gift cards – handy for presents, big one-off purchases and regular shopping at your favourite stores, like Amazon, Ticketmaster, Boots, M&S, Tesco, Argos, Starbucks, Currys or Waterstones.
  • A restaurant discount card, giving you 2 for 1 at loads of local restaurants.

How much can I save?

Meet our hypothetical employee, Jane. She uses Portfolio Perks to save money on her family’s everyday shopping. Here’s an overview of Jane’s savings in an average week:*

  • She does a big family shop at Morrisons and fills up at their petrol station too, saving £7.50
  • She snaps up a Groupon deal to take the kids go-karting, earning cashback which saves her £8
  • She has pre-booked assignments for next week, so buys train tickets in advance using Trainline, saving £1
  • She pops into Starbucks for a coffee most mornings on her way to work, saving £1.50
  • Her niece’s birthday is coming up, so she orders a £20 Fat Face gift card, saving £2.40
  • One evening after work, she meets friends for dinner at a popular city centre bar, saving her and her friends £40
  • She goes into town to buy a few essentials at Boots, Staples and Halfords, saving £3.20
  • Her total spend should have been £372, but with Portfolio Perks she saved £63.60.
  • On top of these regular savings, Jane also gets discounts on those big purchases that crop up throughout the year. For example, holidays, insurance, clothes and electronics.

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